Becoming a Baker

Why many people are interested in baking? Do they find baking the same way as I think? Baking trend nowadays is increasingly in demand; ads, TV shows and social media helps a lot in becoming more interested in foods, in cooking and of course in baking especially when you see posts of their yummy and delicious looking creations. You’ll be wondering what if… I can try too? How to start with? And if you are already willing and decided to learn how to….well, Hooooorayyyyy, Congratulations! Take it as a challenge and step to the next level but this time do it and bake it for yourself, learn to bake and have fun doing it.

Learning the basics, there are a lot of ways to learn baking, watching baking shows, reading cook books, enroll to baking class (if you can afford or if have extra money) or simple through Mr. Google, just one click away! (I preferred Mr. Google 🙂 ) Learning for the first time is a challenging one, but as long as you know the basic (including the basic baking rules) and following the precise measurement you can bake simple one.

Practicing helps a lot. It doesn’t take having special powers or a magic touch to work wonders in the kitchen, so practice, practice, practice… remember practice makes perfect, never give up! Bake with love ❤

Baking is love, why? Simply because it gives a lot of satisfaction and fulfillment…

The moment of stepping at your kitchen and start preparing for a new wonderful recipe makes happiness and joy, the excitement in the outcome truly awaits and you consider yourself like a PRO after seeing the results and even it is not so perfect but as long as it taste good and everybody has a good time eating what you did. What a wonderful feeling, all the stress takes away! Baking makes me HAPPY!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Sharing some of my deliciously-looking sweets, Good luck to new beginners!

Chocolate cupcake with caramel frosting, chopped almonds with white and chocolate chips
Chocolate Chip Cookies


Banana Muffin with Chocolate chips
Fudgee Brownies with different toppings
Carmelita Bars and Macaroons



Author: HappiNeiz

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