Paterno St. Quiapo, Manila: The Center of Affordable Eyeglasses

Yesterday, I drop-by to Paterno St. Quiapo Manila to have another pair of my prescription glasses; this is my third time purchasing prescription glasses in Quiapo. (You heard it right my 3rd time πŸ™‚ )

Paterno St. known for the Cheap and Affordable Eyeglasses

I started to wear prescription glasses since college days; I bought my first eye glasses at one of the famous eyeglasses store in mall, since it is my first time to wear eyeglasses I bought the designer one which cost around 5K. Every now and then I need to replace my glasses and need to save lots of money before I got a new pair to have a good quality, branded at the same time stylish and fashionable. There were also instance that I acquired eyeglasses on a salary deduction basis on my previous company. It was offered during our annual physical exam, the frames and styles were limited, frames offered mostly were only with nose pads (I prefer plastic eyeglasses) and it took weeks before you claim your order.

Way back mid 2013, when I heard to my officemate that this street in Quiapo Manila (Paterno St.) has wide variety of eyeglasses at very affordable price compared to the other optical shops. From then on, I got curious and consider to myself that I will try buying a pair when I had time going there. (Since I’m from south and too far from my area)

You’ll be amazed for lots of Optical Shops located at this street everything about Eye accessories can be found there at very reasonable price.

Glimpse of Paterno St. Optical Shops everywhere

My first glasses bought at Paterno St. cost 1,500 pesos I haggled from its original price of 2,800 with a branded Frame (Swissflex) including prescribe multicoated lens and the computerized eye checked-up conducted by the optometrist.

My SwissFlex Eyewear – Black and Maroon Tone

On the following year I got another pair this time it’s an ordinary plastic frame but still multicoated lens and with free eye check-up and I got it at 800 pesos

Multicolor Frame: Chocolate Brown Outside with Orange and Maroon Combination
Temple: Navy BlueΒ and Maroon with a touch White design

My latest eyeglass I bought yesterday was a Ray-ban brand frame cost at 1500 plus additional fee for the multicoated lens and since I’m a regular client (I usually get my pair of eyeglass done at Salamin-Antipara Galleria 2 at Emerald Building Rizal Avenue) I ask for a discount and gave it to me a price of 800, 50% discount price, what a great deal! I only waited 30 minutes for my eye glasses to be done.


My Latest Ray-ban Eye Wear
Two Tone (Red and black) with Slim Temple
Snapshot of my “Suking” Optical Shop – Salamin-Antipara Galleria 2

I also inquire for their transition lens and the cheapest price is 1800 including regular frame and with free check-up, very affordable compared with my previous transition lens that I bought at 6,000 pesos; 450 was the minimum price for ordinary eyeglasses.

Paterno St. is located behind the Quiapo Church right after BPI and Chowking :), While waiting for your eyeglasses to be done you can explore around Quiapo area…


Author: HappiNeiz

Welcome to my word place :) I always choose to be on a positive side of my life and I always want to be happy.... I made this to share and express all my thoughts and ideas as I can.... Please feel free to browse through my posts, and leave comments or questions. Thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoy reading in my site ;)

47 thoughts on “Paterno St. Quiapo, Manila: The Center of Affordable Eyeglasses”

      1. it depends, if you’re using your current pair of glasses more than a year you need to have an eye check-up first. No need to worry coz eye check-up is free when you buy a new pair. πŸ™‚


  1. Wow!! Will definitely visit this!! Kasi Im planning to buy an eyeglasses but for computer purposes only. Pwede rin kaya yung multicoated and transition lens ?? Thank u for this post!!!


  2. Meron ba silang magnetized or clip-on sunglasses na pwedeng ipatong sa prescription glass na available?
    Meron din ba silang brand na lens named “Crizal Prevencia” yung nagboblock ng blue light.
    Thank you


    1. Hi, sorry but as of now I don’t have idea about your inquiries. But lots of optical stores are within the Paterno street you can ask them on your inquiry once you get there…


    1. you can take LRT 2 (Pureza Station). Get a ticket up to Recto Station and get off right there. Once in the ground you can ride on a pedicab or walk onwards until you cross an intersection called Raon Street. Continuously walk and after crossing another street you’ll see the Paterno Street.


  3. Hi, ask ko lang po. Like you, my first eyeglass was a very simple, not classy and not stylish, but really expensive from EO. After a year, I switched to Quiapo-made eyeglasses. Question ko is more like a suggestion. Mas maganda po siguro kung sasabihin niyo rin ‘yong comparison ng usage ng 5k eyeglass sa 1-2k eyeglass. I mean, like, may huge difference ba ang transition ng mamahalin sa gawang-Quiapo? Or ‘yung iba pang detailed ng comparison.

    Actually, I’m already asking those questions above, hindi ko kasi talaga alam pinagkaiba. I have friends na sa EO or some branded shop pa rin talaga nagpapagawa, but I always stick to Quiapo for about 5 years na rin so I don’t know the difference.

    Thank you!


    1. Thank you for your question/suggestion… actually, d ko pa natry magpagawa ng transition lens from quiapo but based on my inquiries they said na their transition lens are made from different brand such as korean and american brand, mas cheaper ang korean compare to american brand. On the ordinary lens naman sa frames nagkakaiba-iba ang price, sa quiapo kasi makakakita ka ng frames in different class up to original/branded na natagal din naman gamitin similarly to branded/original ones na makikita sa mall shops and also mas marami kang pagpipilian dahil sa dami ng stores sa paterno st.


  4. This is a nice eyeglass thread u created HappiNeiz!…

    Kung nandyan lang ako sa Maynila binisita ko na Paterno.. I’m longing to buy prescription glasses… Ever since I’m buying EG sa IdealVision sa MegMall (at pag umuuwi ako from states)… For me, it doesnt make any big difference kung branded ba mga yan or made in US Korea or whereever. As long it is giving you the right purpose of using it, good enough… Clean enough & pleasant looking.. It doesnt need it be expensive (para ipagyabang or u look cute), who cares afterall?!. Maybe the snatcher will care (at mapahamak ka pa!).

    Again, if it serve d purpose, that’s more important for you or to me actually..

    Vision is very important… “For he who controls the sight, controls the universe” ika nga!.


    Paul I. @ Los Angeles CA Jan 15, 2017


  5. Hi po, So I have an original Ray Ban frame pwede ko po ba na palagyan ng lenses (walang grado) for protection from computer light? And if so how much po?


  6. This is helpful. I just came from an Optical Clinic near my place in Makati and gave me a quotation of P9K All in for branded frame and branded transition FRAME. Do you think there is a difference? this is my second eyeglasses, I bought my first eyeglass at one of the leading Optical shops in SM Malls it was 5k pesos (multicoated and not transition)


  7. You are so nice to answer questions from readers! I will go there too kasi balak kong magpa multi coat at magpagawa ng spare eyeglasses na pambahay lang. Thank you sa thread na to πŸ™‚


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