20 Years After: Reminiscing SSMS Days

We don’t remember days; we remember moments – Cesare Paves

Time really flies so fast, who had thought that it, was already 2 decades since we graduated from grade school and it seems like all this happened few days back….

Elementary days… Those were the days that we only knew fun playing, a bit of raillery and learning; those times when our lives were free from all worries, fears and responsibilities and those were the times that many first things happened; first school, first teacher, first best friend and first crush…


Many years had come, where are they now? Do they recognize and remember each one of us? Do they see how far they’ve come, or they look back and think “what happened?” or there is someone wonder what happened to their one that got away?

I still have contacts with my elementary BFFs, we hang-out once in a while, but there are instances that we also missed our other classmates and batch mates… Until one time, one of us got an idea to create an FB group and group chat for our entire batch (SSMS batch ’96), to organize a reunion party with them. I’m irrationally excited to add their names on the group chat. (Even though some of them are my FB friends I haven’t had a chance to communicate with them).

And there you go, our batch FB group and group chat was already established, names were added continuously (we only had 2 sections that time and approximately around 55 students combining the 2 sections)

How Exciting! Remembering the past is a fun-filled adventure. Everybody respond very fast, almost all of us were actively participating. At first, just asking Hi, Hello, how are you… Until somebody opened a topic like sharing life experiences, their success stories and of course reminiscing our elementary days, playing “Piko”, “Sipa”, “Sekyu”, “Patintero”, Chinese garter and hide and seek; remembering the teachers, their stick and flying eraser during class and of course their mood swings; our “Baons” during snack and lunch time, techie and unique school supplies like pencils cases with so many “Paandar”, we also remembered our school services with their coded names such as “batman” and “rugged wheeler” and most of all everybody remembered their childhood love, love teams and their crushes. Our school days’ memories, even today, are extremely vivid in our mind. Those were the days of our lives that so incomparable.

It was unexpectedly shocking and unbelievable that we received almost 2000 messages daily in that chat room (Everybody is very cooperative and active). There are times that when you read (and sometimes back read) the messages you received you feel like crazy, smiling and laughing alone in a way that you feel that it’s from within. That is a genuine kind of laughter and happiness, and it makes me feel so fresh.

But even though we had already chatting to each other, I can’t really wait to see their faces, I can’t wait to hear their voices, to hug, to really see my classmates for the first time in so long laughing out loud to each other looking back those times.

20 years had passed, how does time change itself and everybody also change, we went to our own paths and careers some already migrated to United States, New Zealand others work in Dubai, and Saudi Arabia, some become doctors, engineers, chefs, flight attendants, nurse, priest, businessmen and managers ; others still remain single and others have already build their own family. We already achieved what we want and it is a great feeling to think that we already come this far. I’m so proud of being a part of this batch.

20 years after: Simonite Kids – Priceless Moments 🙂






Author: HappiNeiz

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