33 Things I’m grateful for @ 33

there_is_always-22317A week ago when I turned 33, another year older and another year more grateful and wiser 🙂 I celebrated it with my family and colleagues….

I woke up with a surprised present from my hubby and a birthday song from my son. ❤ ❤ ❤ How lovely it was, my day became more extra special and I’m grateful to feel that love coming from them.

When I came to office, there was unexpected fan sign, warm greetings coming from my bosses and colleagues and messages from my friends and I’m so thankful that they remembered my special day.

Life goes by so quickly, it has full of surprises, and I’m so lucky and blessed especially for another year of existence.  There are lots of things I learned and I’m grateful for my 33 years so far in my life, and I’m sharing with you those 33 grateful things 🙂

    1. My Hubby: Tatay EmacI am grateful to have found someone to spend the rest of my life with. Thanks for everything, for being my lifetime best friend and for showing me an amazing life. I love you.
    2. My Son: Zyke. Thank You for coming and completing me in every way. You are truly the joy of my life!
    3. My Parents. For raising me well as good person, for being supportive all the time and for undying love. I’m not here without them
    4. My Siblings. My ability to become more responsible person was build because of them and also for being my partners in crime
    5. My In-laws.  I’m so fortunate to have joined another loving and supportive family
    6. My friends. I’m grateful for people who just leave a space for me in their hearts even if it’s a short period of time. Those people who supported and belief in me during those hardest times. They have all contributed my life in a positive way.
    7. Good Health. For doing what I want to do and what my future about to do in.
    8. Quality Time. To spend and enjoy with my love ones.
    9. Weekends and Rest days. To pause for a while, have a break but not to quit and also to have time to do #8.
    10. Education. For the all the school knowledge I learned and for the degree I earned.
    11. My job. For growing my knowledge, expanding my skills and for giving me the source of living.
    12. My bosses. For trusting and giving me the opportunity to showcase my ability and knowledge at work.
    13. My Colleagues. I’m thankful for the opportunity to work with great people that makes my job much more enjoyable.
    14. Dreams that made into reality.
    15. A happy home. where we can spend our life’s journey as a family
    16. New learning and Opportunity. For experiencing and trying new things in life
    17. Reuniting with my classmates.
    18. Being a mother. For having maternal instinct (not all women and mothers do have it)
    19. Tears, Fears, Pain and Sadness. For helping me expressed my emotions and to grow and become strong person.
    20. Joy, Fun, Laughter and happiness. Laughter is a gift of God that brings us joy, without these, the world would be a sad place.
    21. Memories. Cherish each and every person in our lives. Life is too short and because we only live once.
    22. Challenges and Difficulties. Everything happened was all meant to be. It’s just a blessing in disguise 🙂 Trials and difficulties in my life made me strong and better and it can shape our path in the future. My faith grows and I become more closer to God 🙂
    23. Forgiveness. For mending and fixing broken pieces of my life.
    24. Acceptance. For accepting me for what I Am.
    25. Encouragement. Having people in my life who continually push me to become better
    26. Material Things. Decent food, clothes, shoes
    27. Hope. My guide in motivating myself and to think in a positive ways.
    28. Strength. To face and stand in every circumstance that my life brings.
    29. Respect. Everyone deserves respect. People will treat us the way we allow them to treat them.
    30. Love. Feel special and magical especially when saying “I love you” a lot
    31. My life. For giving me chance to continue to live, to experience all that I’m experiencing and will be experiencing in time.
    32. Being Me. For being unique and true to myself
    33. Almighty God. I am all that I am because you are good to me. For giving me amazing life to love and be loved.

Age is just a number. We are the ones who make our path in life, so just live each day to the fullest. I’m excited to see what my year as 33 will bring. Lots of new memories and more… All I can do is enjoy each day. 🙂

Author: HappiNeiz

Welcome to my word place :) I always choose to be on a positive side of my life and I always want to be happy.... I made this to share and express all my thoughts and ideas as I can.... Please feel free to browse through my posts, and leave comments or questions. Thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoy reading in my site ;)

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