Numbers + Fun = I <3 Math!


What goes in your mind, when you heard numbers?  Do you love or hate numbers?

Math thing comes next everytime I heard numbers…

Way back grade school days I really hate Math! Every time math class started, I feel nervous and scared. I often seen math as a difficult subject that I can go through rather to be enjoyed. I always think that I will get low grades or even worse – failed!

But things always changed; it was on my fifth grade when I realized I need to understand and study hard on Math and if my classmates excel on it, I can do it also…I started doing Math Games and it challenged me to answer the questions until I got correct solution….

At first I want to gave up, it seems it’s too complicated but It always bare on my mind the advice given by our school principal in elementary who was also our former math teacher on sixth grade, she says: “In able to purse your dreams you should learn to analyze and solve the problems just like math and one day when we see each other again you will say thank you because of the piece of advice I share with you”

In highschool I began to love Math 🙂 . I consistently got awards during those days: Best in Algebra, Best in Math, and Best in Physics (Science also has numbers) … and I made up my mind to take up Engineering Course. (Few memorization than other courses, all you need is to bring you scientific calculator and do the problem 😉 )

Math is just not only numbers…Math is fun and I love it! Once you understand it, it is very easy. People think you are smart or genius if you’re good at it. (In some part it makes me feel cool!) Numbers and math can be use in anything and it can contribute and be guide to all aspects of life.

Now that I’m a parent I starting motivating and encouraging my son to also love math in simple ways 😉


Author: HappiNeiz

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