Exploring the Exploreum

Last Sunday, Our original planned was to search and buy new pair of shoes for Tatay… while inside the mall, Zyke suddenly ask to watched Finding Dory and so we granted his request, and it was a good thing that after we pay our movie ticket the teller informed us that we also got a chance to enter the Exploreum Gallery for free, what a great deal! Exploreum Gallery ticket cost 250Php each.

Our Ticket to Exploreum, we saved 750Php for the entrance fee

Exploreum is a fun way to learn Science because of its interactive exhibits that entertains not just the kids but also young at heart like me πŸ™‚

There are eight main features inside the gallery that everyone could enjoy; Dome Theater, Play Area and Laboratory can also be seen aside from the gallery.

Rafflesia flower is the largest flower in the world, this plant doesn’t have any stem or leaves at all….

Aside from Rafflesia, Tangram (a geometric puzzle) Insects cycle, Animal sights and camouflage can be seen at natural world area

My Zyke enjoying the natural world : Defining Tree age, Tangram and Nature’s texture are on the table top
Wheel Display: Wheel types from bicycle to Trucks @ ZOOM
Experiencing Plane Simulation
“The red car onΒ Biscuit Commercial”….the attraction to this is how battery works in a car and also to try car simulation
Take a Selfie Shot with this huge Camera… Camera Evolution also display at Connect
I remember we also had this type of TV when I was a Kid
Whisper dish and other communication devices can be discover at CONNECT
Weather Report for the Day!
Zyke amazed by the old communication stuffs
Periodic Table of Elements lights-on for every group you select
Wish-a-wish on a wishing well… knowing the pulley
Be Clever on the Lever πŸ™‚
Wheel Surf at Cyberville
Solar Powered Car
Meet Astroboy, a well known Japanese Robot
Other Robots at Cyberville
Tried to wear space suit… Astronaut Zyke and Astronaut Nanay!
Loretta and Miles from tomorrow land can be seen also inside the gallery to showcase their space adventure

This Science gallery is located inside SM Mall of Asia Pasay City (see here)

My Zyke really likes it, new learning and discovery experience for him. I’m sure the next time we go to MOA, He will definitely insist to drop by here again…


At the end, We had a great day, tiring but worth it!heart


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