Shy No More

dont be shyMy son takes a while to warm up with his mood, covers his ears when hearing too loud sounds and prefers to stay back in the crowd, but time slowly changes everything…but now,  “He is now a shy kid no more” and He’s starting to boost with his confidence.

“Do Not Push”

Before my child’s exposure was limited, his environment was focused only inside our home together with his yaya since we are both working parents. There were times that I started to be frustrated by insisting and pushing my son to socialized with other kids right away but then I realized that I need to understand, every child have different ways of expressing their selves, every child has its own personality, some are so witty and too “Bibo” but others are introvert and shy type and I just need to wait for the right time for my son begin to be sociable in a natural way, but of course, little by little we also need to help and encourage him.

Generally, people views and opinion on shyness is a behavioural or attitude problem, that something is wrong with the person but being shy is not a problem and we need to try to see things from their perspective or in other ways.

“Taking to the outdoor”

Slowly I exposed my child to outdoor activities, I take him along wherever I go so that he can expose on many people around him, taking to playgrounds and introduced him to other playing kids. And as early as 3 years old we decided to send him to school.

“Prepare a head of time”

When we go somewhere such school, events or any occasions, I let him know in ahead of time. Telling not to be afraid, showing him that there is nothing to be scared of, have fun, participate and enjoy. As much as possible no on the spot activities and no surprises, aside from preparing ahead of time, arriving early helps also to warm up with his environment and with fewer people around before others arrive.

Being shy is not an easy thing what we can do is to help them with our guidance and persistent effort, Try also to accept and see the values of shyness, and as long as our child grows happy, hug it as a blessing.


Author: HappiNeiz

Welcome to my word place :) I always choose to be on a positive side of my life and I always want to be happy.... I made this to share and express all my thoughts and ideas as I can.... Please feel free to browse through my posts, and leave comments or questions. Thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoy reading in my site ;)

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