A visit to Pepe’s House

My five years old son starting to wonder, “Who is Dr. Jose Rizal? And why He has a monument/statue?”  So I answered: “He is our National Hero and serve our country a long time ago, when we have free time we will drop by to his house…” He’s so like me when I was at the same age, but during my time my grandmother gave me children’s book about Jose Rizal’s childhood life written in Filipino….

So last Sunday right after we attended the holy mass I told to my son that we will visit Jose Rizal’s House since it’s a walking distance from St. John the Baptist Parish Church. (The house is right across the town church where He was baptized)

Dr. Jose Protacio Rizal also called Pepe as his nickname which derived in Latin, were they always followed “P.P” letters in San Jose’s name that stands for Pater Putativus (St. Joseph is the putative or commonly accepted Father of Christ) in which Spaniards pronounce “P as Peh”, giving Jose’s nickname as Pepe.

Dr. Jose Rizal was born at Calamba City Laguna, where their ancestral house was built. Unfortunately, the original house was destroyed during World War II; thereafter exact replica of the original house was rebuilt using the same materials from the original structure.

Now, Rizal’s shrine is one of the tourist spots here in Calamba aside from hot spring resorts. It serves as a museum of the memorabilia’s of Rizal childhood.

No entrance fee but donations are welcome. Opens Tuesday to Sunday 8:00 AM to  4:00PM













How to go to Jose Rizal Shrine:

  1. From Manila: ride a bus with Sta. Cruz Signage, ask conductor to drop you off to Waltermart Calamba, from there, ride a tricycle and ask the driver to drop you off to Jose Rizal Shrine. You can also ride a bus with Mayapa/ Calamba Signage, tell the conductor to drop you off to the Crossing Terminal beside Calamba Medical Center, then ride a tricycle and ask the driver to drop you off to Jose Rizal Shrine.(Regular Fare is 10Php but if you want a special trip it cost 40Php)
  2. From Alabang: ride a bus at Alabang South Station, look for a bus with Mayapa/Calamba or Sta. Cruz Signage Tell the conductor to drop you off to Waltermart (for Sta. Cruz Signage) or to Crossing Terminal (for Mayapa/Calamba Signage) from there ride a tricyle and ask the the drive to drop you off to Jose Rizal Shrine
  3. From Batangas: Ride a bus going to Alabang/ Cubao/ LRT (make sure the bus will not pass-by to Star tollway) ask conductor to drop you off to Turbina. From Turbina, ride a jeepney with Crossing/SM Calamba Signage, From there ride a tricycle going to Jose Rizal Shrine.


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