Staycation at St. Giles Makati

It’s a great feeling to relax and have a vacation once in a while especially when it’s made out of town and be able to refresh yourself from stress, whereas not everyone had that chance to take a vacation especially busy working people like me.

But, is it possible to relax while working?

I would say YES! And if you have the opportunity why not?! There are instances in your life that you can do both relaxing and working at the same time. And as the saying goes: “when opportunity knocks, don’t let fear hold you back. Open the door and embrace the opportunity that has come forth”.

I had the opportunity to relax while working, I attended a 2 days live-in training/ seminar sponsored by the government. Of course it feels good because at first it’s free, different ambiance from your ordinary surroundings and finally far and free from stress.

Our training/ seminar venue was held in St. Giles Hotel and it’s situated at the heart of Makati, the central business and financial district of the Philippines. The location was excellent and very accessible to anywhere you go – near restaurants, spa and massage clinics, bars, shopping centre and mall.


Pleasant and very accommodating staffs welcome you as you enter the hotel lobby. Hotel staffs are also nice and friendly with their guests.

Front Desk – Hotel Lobby

A great place for seminar and other events for its big and great Function rooms, we able to do our training workshop and group exercises well…

Kalayaan 3 Function room located at the 3rd floor

Check-in is fast and we stayed at the 30th floor – twin sharing bed deluxe room). The higher floor is better, less noise compared to the lower floors. The rooms were good, clean and comfortable, just right size to accommodate number of person to use the room and it’s nice that all necessities were provided; strong wi-fi connection, mini-safe for valuables, toiletries, hair blower, LCD flat screen TV, mini ref, iron and iron board. There was also a room complimentary tea and coffee.



Evening view of Makati City from my room on the 30th floor
Morning view of the busiest city

Hotel Security feature is appropriately okay. Need to use door card as key to function the lift and be able to access the upper floors.

The pool on rooftop (exactly located at the 35th floor) was refreshing. Gym location is very ideal – glass panes above the pool with panoramic view of the city.



Breath taking view of the City from the 35th floor

The buffet at the Bay Leaf Restaurant located at the 2nd floor is good. Great food selection, serving different food variants for breakfast, lunch and dinner that will surely make you really full. Buffet Price for adult is 595 and for children 6 yrs old to 12 yrs old id 297.50. Opens Mondays to Sundays for Breakfast Buffet and Mondays to Fridays for Lunch Buffet.

Overall, it was a lovely stay and represents value for money. When there’s another chance I will surely back here.


St. Giles Hotel Makati
Makati Ave Corner Kalayaan Ave. Makati City
(02) 988 – 9888


Author: HappiNeiz

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