A Visit to Doll Joy Factory and Museum

It’s funny to hark back on the past especially during our childhood days…those days in our lives that all we knew is to have fun playing around.


A zest feeling looking back  especially when we had a chance to see different varieties of dolls at Doll Joy Factory and Museum; We had an opportunity to visit the place as my son’s one of this year’s school learning adventure and fieldtrip was held here.

Assigned Staff will welcome you as you arrived in the area. They will serve as the tour guide while inside the factory and also they will give you an entry ID to be use while having a tour inside the gallery. This entry ID must be surrendered in exchange for Doll Joy Token after the tour and before going out to their factory.

Collection of Dolls wearing school uniforms of different schools can be seen as you enter the first building of the gallery. Doll joy made dolls to the students who came to visit the museum.


Next is the simulation area, where you can showcase the process of making dolls.

Precious Moments collection – known dolls for its teardrop-shaped eyes, can be seen also inside the gallery. Videos and picture taking in this exhibit is not allowed due to its license to manufactured dolls.

Inside this room is the precious moments collection

Various fairy tale and Disney characters are also made and seen in the gallery.


The famous frozen characters – Olaf, Elsa and Ana

One of their activity to the kids was the dressed your own doll, were they give reward to the fastest kid to finish the activity.

Community Helper Dolls and Cute Presidential Dolls are displayed too.


President Rodrigo Duterte Doll

On the second building, you can see the jungle and forest toys. They also have theatre where they film the dolly joy history in animation form with special screening also of a short film.

Christmas village, wedding dolls and dolls around the world can be also found in the gallery

Christmas Village
Potray Nativity Dolls – Mama Mary, St. Joseph and Baby Jesus
Wedding Dolls
Dolls wearing national customer of each country


Jungle and animals toys are also found inside the museum

Dolls wearing Philippine costumes also exhibits here

Souvenir shop is also available where you can buy their dolls for a lower price compare to the mall price.

We enjoy touring around the museum, great learning experience especially for the kids and to young at hearts.

Doll Joy is open from Mondays through Saturdays but as per appointment only.


Dolly Joy Factory and Museum
No. 31 C. Raymundo Avenue Caniogan, Pasig City, Philippines 1606
Phone: (632) 672 1939 / 8818163 /   641 2686 /
Fax No. (632) 671 0253    Mobile: 0922 839 0553 – 54
E-Mail: inquiry@dolljoygallery.com


Kids Day-Out at Rainforest Pasig City

It’s better if we able to expose our children elsewhere and beyond the four corners of their classrooms once in a while so that their minds will be Relax and able to enhance their learnings, and also to appreciate and experience new things. We always allow our son to join when there is a school outdoor activity such as field trip. It’s enjoyable thing to do and at the same time they will learn more.

My son had his educational trip a few weeks ago, and one of their destinations is at Rainforest. It is a park-life funded by the government and unexpectedly located at the middle of the Pasig City. And because it is funded by the government going to this place is very affordable and a great deal. They also give special discounts for the people living in Pasig City with proper identification.

The park offers nature, leisure and adventure that why it is also known for its name RAVE (Rainforest Adventure Experience) and a great for family, group and educational activities.

A lot of things can be seen and be done with their offered amenities such as Adventure park, Amaze Garden, Boating Lagoons, Botanical Garden, Camping area, fitness center,  flower fields, kiddie play ground, zoo, picnic grove, mini train ride, amphitheater, promenade area and water Park.

Dinosaur statues will welcomes you as you enter the park.  We also guided and toured by their assigned staff inside the park.

The place is clean and well maintained. It also allows people within the metro to enjoy without going out from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Just packed and prepare food because there are just a few stalls inside.

Our kids and also we parents enjoy our trip here at Rainforest. ❤

Rainforest (RAVE) Pasig
F.Legaspi Ave. Maybunga, Pasig City
Rainforest Admin: 02-642-5280
Rainforest Waterpark: 02-628-4291
Opens at 8:00 am to 5:00 pm