Kids Day-Out at Rainforest Pasig City

It’s better if we able to expose our children elsewhere and beyond the four corners of their classrooms once in a while so that their minds will be Relax and able to enhance their learnings, and also to appreciate and experience new things. We always allow our son to join when there is a school outdoor activity such as field trip. It’s enjoyable thing to do and at the same time they will learn more.

My son had his educational trip a few weeks ago, and one of their destinations is at Rainforest. It is a park-life funded by the government and unexpectedly located at the middle of the Pasig City. And because it is funded by the government going to this place is very affordable and a great deal. They also give special discounts for the people living in Pasig City with proper identification.

The park offers nature, leisure and adventure that why it is also known for its name RAVE (Rainforest Adventure Experience) and a great for family, group and educational activities.

A lot of things can be seen and be done with their offered amenities such as Adventure park, Amaze Garden, Boating Lagoons, Botanical Garden, Camping area, fitness center,  flower fields, kiddie play ground, zoo, picnic grove, mini train ride, amphitheater, promenade area and water Park.

Dinosaur statues will welcomes you as you enter the park.  We also guided and toured by their assigned staff inside the park.

The place is clean and well maintained. It also allows people within the metro to enjoy without going out from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Just packed and prepare food because there are just a few stalls inside.

Our kids and also we parents enjoy our trip here at Rainforest. ❤

Rainforest (RAVE) Pasig
F.Legaspi Ave. Maybunga, Pasig City
Rainforest Admin: 02-642-5280
Rainforest Waterpark: 02-628-4291
Opens at 8:00 am to 5:00 pm


Paradise + zoo = Paradizoo

Opportunity is the key! We always wait for the day that our rest days will match so that we can able to have our long “WE TIME”…

My son really loves animals, we also love nature so this time we explore the Paradise and Zoo in one – PARADIZOO; a Theme Farm located at Mendez, Cavite just few minutes from Tagaytay City.

Lots of attraction can be enjoy inside the farm such as close interaction with different kinds of animals, horseback and camel riding, animal feeding (which cost 60Php for a bundle of feeds), Zip Line, Fish Spa (but under renovation during our visit), learning the honey bees and butterflies, vegetable picking where you can buy and bring it at home at cheaper price, and take note that all vegetables are organic! (I bought ½ kilo of lettuce for only 50Php plus 10Php for each sweet pineapple)

Here’s my commuters guide to Paradizoo:

  1. From Olivarez Tagaytay ride Jeepney or bus with Mendez/Indang Sign board and tell to driver to drop you off at GalicaIII Mendez – in-front of Generica Drug Store (along mendez-indang road) and a few minutes before heading the town market (Fare: 15 Php)
  2. Ride a tricycle ask drive you’re going to Paradizoo – left side after Anuling- Maglabe drive intersection (Fare: 25 Php)
  3. There are tricycles passing by in-front of paradizoo where you can take back to the Mendez-Indang Road going back to Tagaytay

Regular Day Tour Entrance Fee to Paradizoo is 150Php but thanks to Coupon we only got for 79Php. They also offer cabins where you can have your overnight stay price starts at 900Php.


This Café serves rice meals aside from coffees and drinks
Welcome to Paradizoo!!!
zyke with bunnies
Hey there cute little bunnies!!!!


zyke with donkey
wanna ride to this lil pony?!!!!
You can also feed this Ostrich… at first I tried, but I step back when I saw his big beak 🙂
5 feet cow
Mr. Cow with not just four, but five legs…
There is a free taste to these pineapples, and its sweet even not fully ripe
Carrots blossoms, once it blooms the carrots are ready to harvest
Lettuce: great for salad, you can pick and buy them in cheaper price


beautiful swan landscape
purple button flowers


mickey mouse
Mickey Mouse Plant


Colored foot prints as guide for each areas


butterfly garden
Butterfly Garden


Pet Cemetery where you can bury your beloved love pets and animals

Meditation Garden is a place to relax and great place to unwind the stressful mind

Overall, Paradizoo one of the best destinations to discover kid’s wonders, enjoy nature and experience farm life in a day while spending quality time and bonding activity with family and love ones.

This theme farm is also ideal and recommended for educational trip, picnic and other outdoor activity.

We had an awesome day experience!

heart Neizel